One-On-One Programs:: 


INTRODUCTION ALCHEMY::: HeartBeat Groove work starts with a deep dive all the way in to integrate the wisdom from your body, your hearts dreams, and your minds ability to live it all true.  A guide and essence kit will be designed for you to support you through your process. Within 2 weeks you will return for an Alchemy Integration Session to un-turn any stones not found in your initial session.   2 Alchemy sessions and an Alchemy kit $750




HEARTBEAT GROOVE :::  In depth exploration and connection to your Internal Navigation System:: Root, Heart, and Pineal. Wherever you are on your process to embodiment and integration of your body, mind, and soul; this work will take you further down your path.  Know, trust your intuition, and get your own answers wherever you are and wherever you go. This package gives you an Alchemy session, Essence kit and custom guide to each the Root, Heart and Pineal. 3 Alchemy Sessions 3 custom Essence Kits. $1500.

SACRED BODY TEMPLE:::  Call in the 4 directions of sacred space around you.  Grow into the boundary of you; find the gifts and magic you have. Connect to your body to get all the wisdom available for you.  4 alchemy 4 integration 4 custom essence kits + Body Temple Accord Parfum kit $3200

Heal your life, your relationships, and your body by connecting to your core essence and the light within. Navigate through your own energy blockages.  Bring balance to your bodies rhythms and cycles to obtain optimal health.  Be supported to integrate all the layers of your life experiences into the wisdom you carry in your being. In connection to your Internal Navigation System, you will remember what your heart desires most, allowing that to heal your life.

This package is available for anyone, anywhere on Skype, FaceTime, or phone. Or in person in Bonsall, Ca.
This 3 month journey will include an Initial Alchemy Intensive Session for me to meet you exactly where you are at, witness you setting your goals, and develop a program to support you in that.  Feel supported with follow through integration sessions and checkins. Each month will start with a fresh Alchemy Intensive Session to take your journey further .  In each intensive we will create  a custom kit of the Heartbeat Groove Essence Collection to support you in your growth in between sessions.

3 months of sessions including: 3 custom kits( one after each Alchemy session) + 3 Alchemy Sessions ( one a month) + 6 Integration sessions (2 a month) $4800

Integrate body, mind, heart and soul to fine tune your being.
Discover the Ocean of information your body has for you.   This package includes the River program + Pilates and whole body type nutrition.  Create Alchemy in your body to rock the hottest, healthiest YOU! Twice a week you will journey into your physical body through pilates, breath work, body rolling and therapeutic movement to streamline your connection. In this program you will literally reshape your body to the optimal alignment, allowing your nervous system & endocrine system to not only refuel any depletion but strengthen and build reserves! This program is designed to fine tune your physical Body along with your being. Find the visceral connections in your physical body to get your own answers and make clear decisions in every aspect of your life.

This program is only available in Bonsall /Solana Beach and is offered as a 3, 6, or 9 month program.
This program can also be developed as an ongoing program to support optimal body function for professional athletes or anyone who desires living fine tuned according to your body.

All sessions in Bonsall/Solana Beach. 3 month $5800, 6 month $9,960, or 9 month $12,800 program includes 1 Alchemy Session a month + 2 Integration checkin sessions per month + 2 movement sessions per week.


Follow up & more

  • Alchemy & Internal Navigation Session $300.  (Bonsall, CA & FaceTime )   With clarity , look  inside to hear all the wisdom you hold.  Make new pathways in integrity with your soul.  Live your truth by creating your own everyday tools.     Heal your life.                           4 sessions $1000
  • Integration Check- In  $185. (Bonsall, CA & anywhere on FaceTime)  This is an even more in depth look at the wisdom you carry; and tools to further integrate the work you are doing.                                                                                               4 sessions $600
  • Body Wisdom Session  $185.  (Bonsall, CA & FaceTime )  Space is held for you to  to listen to what the tissues of your body have to say to you, without the story of the mind.                            4 sessions $600.
  • Mini Check In $50.  $225 includes custom essence kit of 3 essences +an accord.  Using the Totem Animal Essences you will receive guidance from your soul team.  You will receive a recording of the guidance given in your highest good from the question you have.
  • Pilates Privates $85.00 Package of 10 $800.  Semi Privates and Classes $55.  Package of 10 $450   Pilates private sessions available in Bonsall.  Intelligent movement for optimal function.  Build strength in optimal  alignment  to support  flow of energy channels and create freedom in the body!
  • contact me to schedule your sessions or with any questions that you may have
  • (937)825 2274