A Heartbeat Groove Movement Workshop
Journey into to the space available in your body, mind, and soul to create more of what you DO want.
With awareness on alignment of your bones and tones in your muscles, move into creating more space in the body for nerves to communicate clearer creating optimal health and function
in the body.  Deepen your core connection and learn exercises specific to you that can help you connect to all the energy you have within.
Though transformational breath work you will clear out the channels of you body’s subtle energy system to let go of anything holding you back from living your dreams true.
Roll and release with therapeutic balls to integrate and receive all that your being has for you.
Move through the holidays with more freedom in the body.  Move into the new year with more space created for what is really important to you.  Move into your core essence and rock your shine.
Sunday December 3      12-3
Straight Up Pilates Studio  in     Fallbrook, CA
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Coure: a Heart & Core Movement Workshop 
SunDate: 2/26/2017From: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

On the Creekside Deck of Straight Up Pilates Studio  in     Fallbrook, CA
Explore foundations of whole body movement using rhythm, beats and flow with the mind, body and spirit. This Workshop includes:

1. A Cardiovascular & Core Connection Segment (with the option to modify or advance each movement): Warm up the body, find your center and stimulate your nervous system with Rhythmic Movement patterns.

2. An Intrinsic Evaluation: Discover and acknowledge your physical, emotional and mental restrictions. Analyze the current condition of your body clock, become aware of deep abdominal activation. Learn the foundation of body movement patterns, study the principles of movement.

3. An Integration Segment: Understand why it’s important and have an opportunity to unite these two concepts together by applying the principles to movement.

tune-out restrictions in mind, body and spirit.
tune-up your own body clock.
tune-in to YOUR own beat & rhythm.
rediscover freedom.




Deepen your connection to your core:: A Movement Workshop Series

The world within is worth discovering.

This workshop series will ignite a powerful relationship between your mind, body and spirit. As we explore the physical structure of the body we gain insight of the inner self.

Focused awareness of the physical body will bring to light tensions, blocked connections and scar tissue. You will be guided to open up your body for flexibility and increased range of motion. 
 Releasing tension patterns will create fine tuned alignment and the ability to move from the core.

Conscious breath tones organs for optimal function. Connection to your core supports the balance of physiological systems, including hormones, digestion and natural body rhythms. This is the introduction to discovering the possibilities of deep inner connection.

Intro: Full Body

In this workshop we will learn to connect breath with movement to support deeper engagement and connection to the core. Yamuna balls will be used to discover and release tension patterns allowing full core engagement.
October 1st 10-1  at Straight Up Pilates, Fallbrook   Register at

October 22nd 10-1 at Pilates of North County, Solana Beach  click here to reserve your space






Yamuna balls will be implemented to release tension patterns that are held in the pelvis. We will focus on opening the pelvis and achieving a deeper connection to the pelvic floor. Incorporating Pilates movements to support the body and utilize gravity for ultimate pelvic connection.

November 12th 10-1 at Straight Up Pilates, Fallbrook   Register at

Novemeber 13th 10-1 at Pilates of North County, Solana Beach



Yamuna balls will support the body as tension patterns in the neck and shoulders are released. Pilates movement will deepen the connections with the core for optimal structural organization. Ideal alignment, amazing posture and prime core functioning will be assimilated in the body.
December 3 10-1 at Straight Up Pilates, Fallbrook   Register at

December 10th 10-1 at Pilates of North County, Solana Beach


Cost $250 for all 3 workshops. $100 drop in each.





The Heartbeat Groove: Internal Navigation Experience

Sacred space and sacred connections…
I invite you to join me in the sacred space of the tipi. As we all work on becoming the brightest versions of ourselves, let us also come together and illuminate the Collective. In the exploration of the Heartbeat Groove and our Internal Navigation, we’ll honor both the beauty of our individual rhythms and the higher power of our group vibration. We’ll find deep nourishment, and refuel from the inside out.
We will use breathwork, movement, guided journeys and drumming. These ancient healing modalities help us connect with our internal navigation systems, listen to the wisdom of our bodies, and deepen our inner knowledge.

This experience is being offered as either:

Full day retreat
2/27/16 – Saturday 10am-3pm
We will work with the Root, Heart, and Pineal energy centers and hold space for creativity, love, and intuition to flourish. Each participant will use and take home a custom essence kit with three essences of their choosing.

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Series of three retreats
2/25/16 – Thursday 10am – 12:30pm ROOT
3/1/16 – Tuesday 10am – 12:30pm HEART
3/10/16 – Thursday 10am – 12:30pm PINEAL
We will work with each energy center individually on three separate days. Each participant will use and take home a custom essence kit with three essences of their choosing.

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TRANSPARENCE is about freely sharing the true essence of who you are with the world. It’s about living without a mask. TRANSPARENCE empowers us to move past our binding fears and insecurities into the beautiful fullness of our beings.


Snake totem medicine initiates us into deeper layers of our true selves and helps us shed unwanted patterns. Shedding these skins reveals the beautiful color of our core selves. Serpentine lights, ignites & feeds the inner fire that fuels the heart’s passions and visions. It invokes kundalini energy and brings deep awareness of self so we can celebrate what makes us truly unique!


Elephant totem medicine brings massive grounding and support. He supports us in healing family and ancestral wounds. This medicine draws awareness to old patterns that no longer serve us, and imparts the courage to change them. Elephant grounds us so we can evolve and heal deeply on a genetic level.


Condor totem medicine protects us with his massive wing span. He shows us a bird’s eye view of life while providing a safe space for major self-expansion and change. Condor gives us the bravery to live transparently and with profound faith.




smooth sailing into you….

Sometimes when life gets uncomfortable you need a light, potent, deep and quiet place to get through the darkness and feel the sparkles of your soul build up inside you. The rough patches are easier to navigate when you sail from a place of centeredness – a place where you keep those soul sparkles stronger then the circumstances outside you.
Mast totem guides you to find your own answers, and to channel those bombshell sparkles into the right places as you sail the wild seas of life.

Are you ready?

Trust. Listen and know.

Mast Totem Quest is designed to support you into deepening, softening & fully connecting into your internal navigation system (root:heart:pineal). This what keeps you centered and guides you gently through life’s biggest transitions, challenges, losses, busy spells and chaos. From this place you will create your own tools to use in your life everyday.

Experience being divinely guided into yourself. Feel your whole being supported with journeys, breath work, somatic movement, body rolling & deep stretching. Exploring this process within a small group of women enables us to connect and mirror one another. We gain fresh perspectives from each other , and this perspective deepens our own work.

:::::::::ROOT:::::::::                                                                                                                                                                                                                Journey with Ballena Gris medicine deep into your body. Discover your inherent ability to create your own medicine and heal all aspects of your life. Whale teaches us how to surrender to Source and be carried through difficult times in the present, past and future.
Journey with Castor medicine into your heart. Discover how to break down the internal dams that are blocking you from your highest potential. Learn how to use healthy boundaries for external protection and support.

Journey with Colibri into your inner vision. Experience how intuition enables you to see the answers you need, and helps you navigate directly into the sweet nectar of life.
There are six spaces available for each date:

Saturday, December 6, 10-1
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Wednesday, December 10, 10-1
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Contact me via phone (937) 825 2274 or email to reserve your space!

Cost is $225, and includes Mast Totem essence kit

Please note: It is helpful, but not essential to have had a private session with me prior to participating in a Tipi Retreat or Quest. Email me to schedule a private session.



move. journey. breathe. connect.

:::::the totem medicine of sentience is designed to support you in remembering, honoring & igniting your ability to balance your body rhythms. especially powerful for sexual healing & connection, endocrine (reproductive, adrenal, hormones, thyroid, pituitary, thalamus, ovaries), crainosacral & nervous systems this tipi retreat is about being the essence of you full out. :::::::journey with these totem animals, release anything stopping you from the most amazing version or your self & fully move into you. guided & unguided journeys into your amazing self, delicious body rolling on the yamuna balls, breath work, connection, movement, dancing & yoga you pick its your version of you!
journey down into the depths of your subconscious with Gato to explore turning any fear, anger, shame & rage into our medicine to rock our most juicy sexy self & create the life of our wildest dream into reality now

with Cuervo see from a birds eye view how you can modify your life to fine tune all the rhythms of your body, mind & soul to integrate into balance with the essence of you that wants to be fully alive

{{{INTUITION}}}abejorros brings stillness into re-calabration of our true rhythm of self. focusing on what is right in front of you and your immense ability to know all your own answers from deep inside your core

  •  coming again soon



the gospel according to YOU!

this retreat designed to support you in taking impeccable care of yourself so that you can fully embody yourself by connecting body, mind, soul, source, & beyond. Bringing your hearts visions into reality. Using the support of 3 animal medicine essences we will explore thru journeys, breath, movement, connection, & self the care you need to keep of yourself to live now your visions & dreams.  in this retreat you will connect to your inner navigation system (intuition: heart: root) and write your self care manual for living your dreams true now.


buho::::: totem medicine inspires you to see what needs to be seen and to know what to do about it. owl supports you in shining a warm, fuzzy, sparkly & safe light in the dark corners of your being. owl gently wraps her wings us &  creates the space to initiate the ability to go deep into shadow selves in a light way that can be fun & easy.  owl supports us in falling in love with the aspects of ourselves we may not fully embrace.  she supports a vulnerable place to become super safe, light, sparkly & fun.

perro :::::totem medicine allows for you to experience a deepened sense of loyalty to your self & supports in the grieving of realizing that you have not been so loyal to your self.  he also teaches us to observe our self critical thoughts instead of listening to them and know that it is our own ego trying to protect us. dog medicine reminds us to stay our  own color and not to change to other peoples color in efforts to please or be accepted.   dog medicine supports us in fully showing up for ourselves in all aspects

mofeta::::: totem medicine supports us in finding a deep sense of respect for self & moves us away from self doubt.  skunk supports us in exploring our insecurities and falling in love with our vulnerable selves.  how we would surrender to a skunk if it were going to blast us with its “perfume” we surrender to our insecurities, negative self talk, & ego reactions to observe our selves having them but not believing in them.  skunk reminds us how exciting it is that we are all different in our unique selves.

  • coming again soon



shine light into your shadow parts to realize the richness & wisdom the dark  has to nourish your visions & dreams.  with the element of metal (lung & colon meridians) we will grieve expectations & find reverence for our life experiences creating tools to further the depth of  absorbing all the greatness when we have faith & trust the flow.    through breath work, movement, body rolling, and guided “unguided”  journeys explore the depths of yourself

  • coming again soon


time to build your web for your most amazing life… in this tipi retreat you will journey to see that all the life experiences you have collected in your web of life are actually the perfect ingredients  for the most amazing version of your life.. with the element of earth and the spleen and stomach meridians we will reflect on transforming worry & resistance  into trust & faith   journey into this part of yourself through guided and “unguided” movement, breath work, body rolling on the yamuna balls and connection with other amazing women!

  • coming again soon



explore into the depths of momentum what you have inside your heart to fuel your visions & dreams.  through the element of fire and the heart connection, journey into the parts of yourself that have been protected and are now ready to shine.  through  breath work, yamuna ball body rolling, guided and “unguided” journeys, & movement  open your chest to your heart.   discover the full focus inside that nothing can stop  

  • coming again soon


explore the depths of waking up.  journey into the part of your core that is hibernating with the support of the element of wood & totem of grizzly.  through breath work, movement, body rolling on the yamuna balls, & journeys explore transforming anger into receiving what you need to connect to the ganglion and receptor site of the body ready to motivate you forward into your visions & dreams

  • July  30  10 -1
  • $165 (includes wood essence)
  • held in a tipi in Encinitas
  •  click here to reserve your spot and pay


journey into yourself to explore the system inside you that connects you not only to your internal navigation system (intuition::heart::root) but also the system connecting you to all your organs. each organ holds a different emotion capable of guiding you into all the amazingness that your life has for you. we will connect to these molecules of medicine within ourselves within a intimate group of 6 so we can learn even more amazingness from each other! we will explore these connections within ourselves thru guided & self guided journeys, movement, breath work, & of course body rolling on the yamuna balls. this retreat will address the body, mind, soul and organs of the body to find your inner due north!

  • coming again soon



:::connect into the wisdom & medicine your body has for you.
:::access the support you have inside you to live your visions and dreams true everyday
:::listen & hear what your heart mind & soul want you to know
::::: enjoy this journey in a small group of 6
::::experience the rhythms of your body & initiate them to balance

through breath work, body rolling on the yamuna balls, movement, cranio sacral, & journeys into your bodies this tipi session will guide you into your inner knowing of what your medicine is. we will be rolling out the restrictions and tension in the fascia of the breast tissue, thoracic spine, neck & shoulders. experience breathing different and connect to what the tissue of your lungs, heart & diaphragm have to say to you. this is your medicine. lets go

  • coming again soon



this event is will be going deep thru the layers to find more of your bodies wisdom. we will start in the fascia and bones with pelvic floor & core and journey into the viscera & emotional body. we will end in our internal navigation system & the mind of expansion to explore the wisdom that your body has for you. this retreat will be a deep exploration of the pelvic floor and base of your root & energy ::::: you will roll on the yamuna balls to out line the bones of our pelvis::finding our pelvic floor & core no not the 6 pack abs but the inside system of amazingness that can motivate you to do all things you need to do to make your life even more amazing. you will also explore the viscera and connections to the emotional perspectives we have. it is possible to release our belief systems that limit us out thru the fine tuning of our posture & physical body! we will end this 3 hour body journey in our internal navigation system and mind to see our own bodies wisdom. yum

  • coming again soon



In this intensive you will journey into your heart to discover what might be keeping it from burning hotter to fuel your motivation towards your visions & dreams.  Along this journey the intension will be to have a  clearer view on your next steps toward your wildest dreams becoming your reality.  we will explore deep  into our hearts through breath work,  movement,  guided & “unguided” journeys, connection, stillness & exploration of our own body’s rhythms.  In these rhythms we find the groove in our internal navigation system uniting our intuition, heart , & root to be fully aligned with our selves.

  • coming again soon



A mid morning urban retreat to recharge after you drop your kids at school or take a break from other responsibilities to refresh your perspective. Learn how to connect deeper with new resources available to support your visions & dreams becoming your reality.
Journey into yourself to recharge thru the elements finding balance thru journeys:: connection:: movement & breath work::

  • coming again soon



journey into your body to discover the medicine you have to balance & heal yourself… through guided & unguided journeys of breath work, movement, bodywork tools & beyond discover what your body knows about balancing your being. get inspired to listen into your knowing about what medicine you have not only for yourself but to share with the globe. you will be working with the totem medicine of zebra::: she knows her own stripes in a very fine tunes way.. she even knows how to paint new ones. you will also be working with body rolling balls to open up the pelvic floor::hips:: & chest to tune into the fascial layers of knowing in your body along with releasing patterns that may keep you from being fully fine tuned.

  • coming again soon



journey into your being to discover another part of your beautiful soul that is ready to be expressed. through ceremony, movement, breath work, guided and unguided meditation journeys, circle & integration in nature you will have potent sacred space held for you to go deep into the depths of your beauty. this work is super grounded into your heart and your internal navigation system that knows exactly how to guide you through your life and the choices that are in your highest good. you will upgrade this ability in this workshop by learning new tools created by you. this is essential to seeing your life clear of the stories & illusions we tend to hold. this work tends to initiate massive amounts of creativity & even more juiciness in life. enjoy heart beat groove’s apothecary elixers of essences & oils.

  • coming again soon